Saturday, July 14, 2012

Long time no see

*showing naked face*

Hi, long time no see.
I couldn't believe that I've neglected my lovely blog for almost 2 weeks !
Cause lately i was really busy working hard on my 3rd novel and I don't even have time to update my Facebook status as much as I used to.

Thank God , I've finally completed the draft for my 3rd novel.
(But I still have to adjust other stuff such as book cover etc)
I hope my 3rd novel will come out on time (which will be on august, I'm sure there will be another book signing session, I'll update the info very soon so stay tuned.)   :(  

Recently my ace's memory storage has reached the limit :'(
I could hardly receive MMS from others. 
Gonna buy myself a Samsung SII as a reward by next week.
(actually im more into SIII but i dont have much budget to spend)
My final exam is just around the corner.
I've decided to study hard hard and smart smart for the next 2 weeks.
there's so many events to attend but I'm forced to give up...

PS: feel free to follow my google+ page @@

PS: I just watched the amazing spiderman few days ago. 
it's really amazing. :') Love both of the main characters.
But how come so many kind-hearted people died in this movie T.T
bad guy NEVER die (Im not talking about Dr.Connor but the one who forced him to do experiment on human being)


hey girl said...

Hey, there's some grammar correction for you.
1)thanks god--> thank god
2)what do you mean "study hard hard & smart smart"? I think you wanna say study hard, isn't?
3 bad guy never die? I think it will be so much better as if you use didn't.
Keep on going! ;)

Ester小米 said...

杨宝贝加油 :)

杨宝贝 said...

study hard hard n smart smart sound cuter and I think it's like baby language isn't it :)
I use NEVER instead of didnt is a way to show the sarcasm, not that i dont understand the grammar rule :)
thanks for the correction


杨宝贝 said...


T__T 我买SII是因为我喜欢SIII可是没钱买SIII只好买SII T.T

路宝贝 said...


我不是有钱的王子,我只是可爱的橙子 said...

All the best for ur final exam and coming events! :)

xiao P 笑屁blue diary said...

oh yeah, finally xDD
i m waiting 4 ur novel!!

i had watched the amazing spiderman too. it's nice!

but i like his uncle T_T haiz.