Monday, July 16, 2012

Hi, Meimei

My sister adopted this cute puppy recently.
She's now our new family member,named Meimei ! 
crossbreed + 1 month old :)

She looks super adorable BUT only when she's sleeping =3=

she loves hiding inside the gap between the pillows while she's sleeping.

Meimei has brought so much fun to us :)
however, it's really hard to take care of a coward puppy like her.
She is not afraid of human being at all (must 24 hours stick with my sis)
Even I tried to scare her,chase after her and shout at her but she still looks cool and steady.
(FYI, i just wanna have fun with her but she will give me a respond like :"don't be so childish la... ")

But she hates to be alone ~
We can't leave her alone in the room else she will start barking and shitting everywhere=.=
She eats a lot, that's why her size is actually quite big ,
(I mean if I compare her size with other 1 month old puppy.)

Probably I'll get her some toys or maybe some dog treats to train her.
I want her to be more active and healthy (not just everyday stay at home eat eat sleep sleep,it's not a pig)
1. must teach her to shake hand ...
2. potty train her..
3. play hide and seek with her...

anyone can share us some useful tips to train a puppy? :)


Yuyu Zulaikha said...

so cute! why dont you try to sleep everynight with her.

Kτmσmσ 小 卷 ♡ ♡ said...

awww, meimei is quiet lovely :D take gud care of her :)

路宝贝 said...

hoho!! shit around...

레몬 said...

LoL,Baby yong jiejie your english so nice ha :) <3
And, The puppy is so Q xD

杨宝贝 said...

yuyu :) haha, my sis sleeps with her everyday.

小卷 sure sure ^^ tq <3

路宝贝 =w= let u eat, hahaha

레몬 thankieww <3

Huey ♥ said...

u can go some forum to check tat how others train their puppy =)

梦梦 said...