Thursday, June 7, 2012

SOX grand finale !!!

Hey people , u guys still remember my previous post about the CELCOM S.O.X launching event?
The Grand finale of S.O.X 2012 was finally happened on last Sunday, 3/6/12.
DANCE, DRUM, HOOPS 3 major events were happening in ONE DAY.
I couldn't believe that I've missed it.. T.T  (I was in Kuching for book signing that day..)

So my BF,Ken had to go MABA stadium alone to watch the grand finale and take pictures for me.
I thought he would be very lonely and so I asked Maymay to take care of him.
=.= Ended up he sent me a msg early in the morning :" OMG it's so awesome!!SO MANY PRETTY GIRLS HERE!! I'M GONNA SNAP MORE MORE PICS TODAY."
:'( At that moment I felt like rushing back to KL and kill him.

But Ken really did a good job for me
(he took a lot pictures of those pretty cheerleaders)
They were sporty and lovely. :)

I was told that the drum corps performances were pretty cool.

And then the Hoops !

He enjoyed watching it with maymay.

big big eyes !

They had a blast :) Although i couldn't attend, my spirit was still there =)

Congratulations to those Winner who get the prized worth than RM100000 :)
so happy for them !
For voting, kindly visit :


Yuyu Zulaikha said...

arggghhhh! i was looking for you that day!! :'(

梦梦 said...


xiao P 笑屁blue diary said...

muahahaha, so funny xDDD

it looks reali attractive. besides, i had seen chuckei wrote about it b4.
it's reali awesome. :D

杨宝贝 said...

@yuyu zulaikha ~ ARGHHH
TOO BAD :( next time i must take pic with u :)

梦梦,ngekngekkkkk :)是咯

xiaoP :< 可惜我没得去