Monday, June 4, 2012

Galaxy Mini 2 !!

Hey, 90's people.
do you still remember the design & features of your FIRST phone?
I owned my very first phone in 2001, forgot the model's name,
but i guess the price was really expensive that time, more than 1k i think.
no color screen, no camera, heavy and thick...
the only entertainment is playing SNAKE. haha (i think only 90's people will know what i mean)

Time passed, people are getting smarter, technology's improving all the time.
When i first stepped into the college tutorial classroom, 
i found out that almost half of the classmates are using SMARTPHONE.
It's ridiculous but people nowadays can buy smartphone with very low price.
Last time we can hardly afford a phone :'(
One of my best friends just posted me a video yesterday and it makes me wanna scream !

LOL the video is actually quite real and funny :P 
I had seen such situation happened in lowyat before
(those promoters who keep persuading people to buy phones are really professional)

But the point is ...

OMG SAMSUNG GALAXY MINI 2 is so cheap. around RM600 only!!!
I had told ya I'm a big fan of SAMSUNG right.
Galaxy Mini 2's trendy design really attracted me a lot, it's not too big, so suitable for young ladies like me.
It's featured with HIGH-QUALITY multimedia viewing function 
(which allow us to watch high quality video in youtube)

I always use laptop to watch videos instead of phone.
But if i can get this GALAXY mini 2 then I can straight away transfer the media files to it already.
( I don't have to delete old documents cause the huge storage of 2.7GB should be enough for me)

Btw, I knew it has LARGER battery capacity to guarantee the multimedia usage.
yeah , this battery problem finally can be solved.
It's a perfect smartphone for me now.

Probably I will visit :  for more information :)


Anonymous said...

but its camera only 3.2megapixels nia><

Jack said...

im using Samsung Galaxy W.. i think it's too small for me although im juz 15 :/ Can't type.. You like small phones?

xiao P 笑屁blue diary said...

yup, it's quite cheap. can i noe how many mega pixels 4 the camera?
dat video reali LOL XDDDDD

Anonymous said...

It seems convinience, so you can try to get it :P

AcE-Zai ~ said...

3.27inch screen.Too small.
4GB internal storage 512ram.Sorry not enough.At least 1gb ram is only consider enough.
800mhz processor?seriously that's sucks even Galaxy w 1.4ghz is slow!1.2ghz "DUALCORE" is a must.
5mp camera video 720p@30fps with autofocus and led-flash consider as enough.Front camera VGA? sorry that's sucks. rm500-600 for student is a cheap and good price with a phone like this. No offence yo.

AcE-Zai ~ said...

3.27inch 4.3inch Please.
4gb internal storage?seriously?!
512mb ram 1gb ram Please.
800mhz processor? At least 1.2 "DUALCORE"! even 1.4Ghz processor of Galaxy W is slow!
5mp with 720p@30fps video recording autofocus led-flash considered "OKAY"
Secondary camera means front camera VGA? Seriously? At least 2MP Please.
Around rm500-600 affordable for student but wasted.
Add on to rm1.2k you can get a better phone.
No offence yo.

见不得光の男孩 said...

wao my dad got the first phone SIMEN hahahaha! 1k+ so damm expensive only can call and type abc, not even a snake game for u!

杨宝贝 said...

Jack, because my fingers are small ^^

xiao P , 3.2 mp.

^^ LOL I remember the name SIMEN XDDD