Thursday, May 17, 2012

It's time to BOOM !!!

Last Saturday, My bf and I went to PWTC for attending the new S.O.X launching event. We enjoyed it so much and I met a lot of pretty bloggers during this event.

I’m actually a big fan of Chuckei since few years ago. This is my 1st time meeting her in real person OMG she’s so good looking until I can’t take my eyes off her. O.O 

We sat on the VIP seats while watching the grand performance by the S.O.X team. It was really cool.

So you guys might start wondering what is S.O.X? S.O.X stands for “School of X”, it’s a prepaid plan in Malaysia designed by Xpax exclusively for the students aged between 13 to 17. 

I am already 18 this year, but don’t worry, there’s another plan in S.O.X for aged 18-23. I was there to register for this package too so I gotta play the spin lottery!

The exciting moment! :3 I hope I could get the biggest prize!


Maybe I’m not a lucky person but at least I got a new fashion magazine. So what is this new S.O.X special about? Once I bought the simcard with the price of RM18, I already got RM15 credit inside the simcard.

If you are a student aged between 13-17, you can get this starter pack at price of RM8.50 only!! With the new plan, students can enjoy either FREE voice calls/ FREE video calls/ FREE sms/ FREE mms when they utilize the credit of RM1 before 8pm. The best point is we don’t have to worry about expiry date

It sounds so great right?Also, the new S.O.X 2012, with tagline “it’s time to boom” brings a high-impact sports fiesta of drum lines, cheer dance and basketball teams from schools all over in Malaysia into a single power-packed weekend !!

Let us watch some pics and snippets here! (from Kuching)

 (from Malacca)

The qualifying teams to the Grand Finale will battle it out for cash and prizes worth more than RM100000 on 3 June 2012 at 
 MABA stadium, KL

 For any further info, you can visit


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