Thursday, June 7, 2012

I'm going to watch TWINS concert!!!

Some of you might know that I'm a big fan of TWINS since years ago.
I think I started listening to their songs and watching their movies when I was in primary school.
They were so young, so lovely, so sporty, so cheerful. =3= 
GUYS want them , GIRLS wanna be them.

You can even see my video singing their song here :
(just ignore my stupid expression please) 

After 6 years from their last concert in Malaysia,
 TWINS are finally set to enchant us again!
LOL I get ready to see them on this Saturday in Genting.. (ngek ngekk)

For Xpax user, if u wanna stand a chance to nab their tickets,u just have to reload RM30 and above.
Also, you can just show your"MY CELCOM" screen in any ticket charge outlet to enjoy the 30% discount of tickets.The details are over at  so check it out.

While waiting for TWINS to come,why not just filling the air with their songs?
Listen their earlier hits to remind you of your puppy love.

Just go to or dial *888*# to download these songs!


1 comment:

xiao P 笑屁blue diary said...

so do i listened their songs when i was in primary skul :D

wish u enjoy in their concert :D