Thursday, June 21, 2012

Recent life

Sometimes I feel that my college life's so depressing.
Maybe because till now I still don't have a driver license.
I have to wake up very early everyday to take LRT + BUS.
Life is all about assignments,tests and presentations...

I just completed some coursework test few days ago
errrr.. I got 32.8/40 for IOM... 
one of my favorite subjects in college- organization and management.
we are learning about how to start up a business :')

31/50 for Quantitative Studies, (something like F5 addmath) 
sooo disappointed with this result...
I lost 10 marks becuz I did some stupid careless mistakes in the paper. =.=
but my friends told me that I should be grateful for passing this exam.
Most of my classmates didn't pass this exam.. :( 
( I should pay more attention during the lecture class or else i might fail my 2nd test) T.T


:') My brother in law just got his new Samsung SIII last week.
ToT  The 8.0 mp camera is super cool!! 
(even the front camera also can capture the pimples on my face)...omg..
He bought the blue color one. (but i think white color is way more cuter)

You can also experience it as low as RM1398 with celcom executive plan by now. :)

My friends always tell me that Celcom has the best coverage in Malaysia.
it provides the best network quality with stable connection.

Sign up at your nearest Celcom Branch or Blue Cube as soon as possible.
for more info, pls visit :


Yuyu Zulaikha said...

i want that sexy phoneeeeeeeeeeee ^^

杨宝贝 said...

yaya XDDD sexy n slim <3

Ester小米 said...


Adeline Chen. said...

All the best! :)

Amos said...

TARC life is like that

Amos said...

TARC life was like that..

杨宝贝 said...

:) <3333333

XinRu said...

关注哦~ ❤

Smooth Criminal F said...

College life is stress lo...dunno why I used to think that college will be better than spm ><
But anyways, GOOD LUCK xxx