Friday, June 29, 2012

Celcom UOX grand finale

It's time to blog about last Saturday's event - Celcom UOX grand finale.
Ken and I were invited since we're both under the U.O.X category,

You might not know what's U.O.X about. :) 
It's as fun as S.O.X that I've mentioned before... 
just that S.O.X is for younger people like teenagers aged between 13-17
:) this Celcom U.O.X packages are exclusively for people who are 18- 23. (yup, I'm 18 this year)

We met Joshua over there !

The awkward moment when we arrived too early: 
the MC pulled us out to answer some questions about rock music. 
the DJ just played 5 songs and we were required to answer the title of the songs in order to get the prizes from AXE.
Ended up Ken and I couldn't answer any of them. *ashamed*
Joshua won the prizes but he forgot to bring it home...

Ken likes the DJ so much
He said he's super COOL.

So the battles started around 7pm, that was awesomely cool!!

They gave maximum crash that not only wowed the audience but the crowd too!
Ken and I were amazed by this guy.

And the results were out :

2nd runner-up

1st runner-up

And the Champion !!! *clap*

The audience also got in the action and won some awesome prizes.

:(  Ken and I participated in the lucky draw contest too but we didn't win. *sad*Anyway, it was definitely a night to remember. :)

With the new UOX plan, you can make voice and video calls at only 28sen for every minutes to all network.
You can also send SMS from as low as 2 sen / MMS for only 35 sen.
don't worry about the expiry date cuz when u reload RM5, u'll get 30 days validity.
But the BEST part is, when u spent RM3 before 8pm,
u can enjoy freebies that include FREE voice calls,,video calls, sms and mms from 8pm-8am.

okay, I'll stop here.
for more info, kindly visit

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