Friday, December 21, 2012

Wow! It's all about ANIME :D

So... I think everyone here knows that I'm an anime freak right?
Watching anime series is my childhood hobby and till now whenever I feel stressed up or unhappy I'll just watch some anime series to release my tension/ unhappiness.... It always makes me feel that my life is full of hope and inspiration! =D

22nd and 23rd December are gonna be the big big days for us(the anime fans) because....
Comic Fiesta will be holding an exclusive marathon screening for...

11am - Kamisama Kiss

0130pm - My little Monster

0330pm - Toradora

0530pm - Skip Beat

Super thanks to Astro B.yond VOD and Animax, because now we got the chance to watch the fresh anime content from Japan! =D
I'm sure it would be very exciting and we shouldn't miss it.
However, there are only 140 spots for each time slot,
so u guys must book the ticket earlier before they run out.

Hints : secure the ticket here: 
Then don’t forget to head to booth no. 51 at the Comic Fiesta event to collect your ticket 30 minutes before the start of your selected marathon screening before it gets released!

Another thing is... COSPLAY competition! :D
The Best Dress Cosplay Competition with 5 categories will take place at Comic Fiesta on the 22nd and 23rd of December 2012...
Big Prizes such as Ipod touch, Ipad mini, Ipod nano sponsored by Astro B.yond VOD and Animax will be given to the winner!! =D

errrr... If I were there for the competition, 
I guess I will dress up as someone who's amazingly cute -- HAGUMI HANAMOTO  

She’s the main character in the anime series called Honey and Clover… ;) I was so into this anime when I was only 10. I love her personality – talented and brave although she’s very tiny. =D

Me myself is very small size too… so I think I’m suitable to act as this character…. She’s 18 in the anime series and I’m 18 this year too...XD… There are so many similarities between me and Hagumi.

So… have you start planning who should you go for?
And don't forget to secure your ticket here: 
*If you have trouble viewing the app, kindly try THESE steps :D


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