Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Samsung NX-1000

I personally think that camera is one of the best inventions in the world as it helps me to capture the precious moments of my beautiful life/ meaningful events such as: 


-Birthday celebration 

-Book Signing

-Meeting new friends

-Taking group photo with Idol


Camera plays a very important role in taking a nice group photo.
I love taking group shots with my friends. 
Not only the best memories of us can be saved as an image,
but also can bring us a lot of fun especially when we're making silly face expressions together.


However, It’s very hard to get a super nice group photo especially when nobody is willing to hold the camera. All of us want to be in the photo and we want to look nice too. We expect the camera to capture our best angle+ best smile but apparently it’s just a mission impossible because we didn’t get to observe the screen when capturing the photos.

The only way to solve this problem is to capture our pictures by using a front camera so that we get to see our own faces when taking those shots. Then, another problem came out - the image quality is bad - it might look blur/ not so clear due to the low resolution of the image. It’s so irritating that we can’t get a nice + clear group photo to represent our awesome memories.

Thankfully, Samsung has invented a super cool smart camera called Samsung NX1000 to solve all my troubles! This camera is really a great fit in my life! I love how it looks, so cute yet classy! Its features are even more attractive....

To me, the best feature of  NX-1000 is the Remote Viewfinder that allows me to take control of the camera by using my smartphone.

First, download the app from Google play/ Apple store

Then, I can turn on my NX-1000 wifi - Remote viewfinder app to connect with my smart phone.

Wait for the camera to connect with my smartphone =)

Once it's connected, we can control the camera by using the smartphone.
We get to see how we look in the camera by looking on the phone screen and we can start showing our best smiles, best poses and best angles, no cameraman is needed.

Ngek, so I get my boyfriend to sit together first ! 

When the best angles are ready, I just need to press the shoot button on the phone, so the NX-1000 will receive the signal from the phone and automatically capture our image.

 By NX-1000

It's Awesome!!!

-20.3 Megapixel with 1/4000 fast shutter
(To get a clear and high resolution group shot is not a dream anymore!)

-Light and compact
(It’s the lightest camera in its class, only 200mg. I can bring it to anywhere in order to capture every moments of my life.)

-Built-in Wifi
(Photographs worth sharing, this feature gets me easier to share my special moments to FACEBOOK & other social media platform)

-Mobile Link
(It helps me to share the photos instantly with smartphones & other tablets)
You can get this Samsung NX-1000 from any Samsung Authorized Dealers, as it now comes with a FREE 50-200mm NX lens worth RM999(For limited time only and while stock lasts!)

Visit for more details !

Check out the video too!! 

Hope you all enjoy it =D 


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waw, so cool!!!
U n ken so cute in the video, haha

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better u write in chinese, ur english is lack of enthusiasm and kinda bored. but thumb up for ur chinese article

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