Friday, October 12, 2012

Stalking your favorite bloggers

Can you imagine the awesome moment when you received a message from your idol?

Few weeks ago, Nuffnang has launched a new mobile apps called NuffnangX.
It's a mobile app that allows us to stalk our favorite bloggers which also helps us to discover new reads.
- it will also help us to enhance the conversation with our favorite bloggers!!
I've followed all of my favorite bloggers but I didn't expect they'll reply my comment. XD

One of my favorite bloggers is Qiuqiu, 
I'd really like her style (she is also very friendly+honest to her readers)
One day, I just left a comment on her nuffnangX blogpost and... she replied me !!! 
Awww. :D

It proves that NuffnangX really can help us to connect with our favorite bloggers !! 
There's also a big news to everyone : 
NuffnangX is looking for the most powerful mobile influencer and attractive prizes are given !

This contest will end at 24 Oct, 
which means we still have 2 weeks and more to push our NuffnangX page.
The first blogger who get 100000 followers on NuffnangX will get USD 10,000 !! 

T.T So far I only got 190 followers on my NuffnangX page.
(I think I haven't reach that influential level~) 
Thanks so much to all my followers ;'D 

For those who haven't follow my blog / not yet sign up for NuffnangX,
there are two ways to sign up for NuffnangX.
One is the traditional way : 
Just get into this website  and sign in with facebook / sign up with Email
(if you had already signed up for nuffnang account, you can straight away login with your nuffnang email and pswd.) 

Another way : 
It's available on GOOGLE PLAY / APP STORE
It's FREEEE to download !!! :D 

Once you've done, please FOLLOW me : 
search : Baby Yang 杨宝贝 

Thank you very much!!! 
See ya on NuffnangX  ! =D

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