Monday, October 8, 2012

Legoland Malaysia

Hi guys, today I'm gonna blog about my awesome trip to Legoland !
;') It's the best trip that I ever had in my life....
I'm so grateful to be one of the lucky Nuffnang bloggers to get the sponsored passes for attending the grand opening of Legoland Malaysia...Yay! Super thanks to Maybank !

Not only the Legoland tickets, but also the food and hotel rooms were well-prepared for us.
1st day(before going to Johor Bahru) - we had our Starbucks breakfast @ Menara Maybank

Here we start our journey happily by bus!

*wearing Maybank pass*

:') Then I got a big surprise from Maybank - Super Lego Box.

We played some lego games while heading to JB.

Can you guess what is this? :D

We had our favorite KFC as lunch and we checked in @ Puteri Pacific JB hotel .
I love their room and the staff is friendly too :D

The next day, we woke up early in the morning to have breakfast @ Kai Xuan Restaurant.
I managed to get up early so I can spend my time to make up and dress up nicely...
Ended up I... found that my cosmetic lenses were cracked due to some stupid reasons :'(
I put the lens case in my bag and I didn't realize that the case lid were opened so the solution was spilled out... I don't look that good with spectacle but I have no other choice...

Who cares I pretty or not.. :D
I got the media pass so I reached Legoland early to get ready for taking photos etc.:')

Legoland is so famous till everyone on Facebook were crazy for it.
As you can see, I gained 17k likes for this picture, it breaks my record!!
Why is it so famous? Because it's our Malaysia's first international theme park !!

Love their performance so much.

The decorations and games available in Legoland are super amazing ;D
Although the weather is damn hot, we still can't wait to explore the whole Legoland!
Especially the Miniland, We took almost 2 hours to watch the exquisite buildings,
it sounds ridiculous but they were all made by LEGO !!

so real!

We can actually see the vehicles are moving on the road.
But it's way too colorful and cute!!

=D I was travelling in a Lego city :D

LOL, I found "myself" in Legoland.
Just realized that we did the same pose.

The moment when I walked into the toilet, my first impression was :
Oppa toilet style XD

It's not the real KLCC !! I called it LegoCC.

Even the swimming pool is exactly the same with the real one. 

There's too much photos to share, I might publish a whole new album for that very soon.
:D After finished taking photos in Miniland, we moved to Lego'Technic zone
I had so much fun here !!
We actually took a video but I screamed like chixin po so I refused to post it up.

Ken's first time riding on "Project X"
It freaks us out !!  T_T

Look at the father and son behind us, they were so steady and cool.. =.=
Maybe because they weren't sitting on the front row,
:D hahaha  * I love it.*

* Hawaiian Chicken Pizza *
The food voucher was provided too ! Maybank is so good to us ! :D

Next , --- THE DRAGON roller coaster !! ;D U can see the Maybank Logo here.
It's the most exciting part in Legoland theme park,
if u've been there, u must try this or else u'll be super regret.

Once Upon A time, there's a big dragon named Ken,
he loves yangbaobei a lot @@ and he always fetch her to go everywhere!!

Land of Imagination :
Children can find their dreams and heroes here...

Land of adventure :
I felt so wanna try this but too bad we didn't bring any extra clothes.

Walking in the park is fun but also tiring,
we didn't get to explore the whole Legoland cause there's too much to explore =w="

One thing I must tell u guys, the lockers of Legoland is so worth to use !! :D
Because we can reopen/relock the locker for whole day.

Life is tough, sometimes we have to face with the pressure,
but this trip has brought me a lot of fun and hope. :’)
For more info of Legoland, kindly visit their official website : 

p/s : Thanks so much to Maybank and Nuffnang :D


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well, u look good with spec too :D

at first i thought it was real without reading ur words. haha!
so real!

thanks for blogging it out cos i'm planning for a trip to legoland.



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