Friday, March 11, 2011


I found a new shopping site recently——  J

And the concept of the site was quite interesting,  i think most people who enjoyed online shopping will like it vry much. 

This is a Group Buying Site which means the site will feature new deals every max 3 days with 50%-90%! But the deal will only be activated if there enough people agree to buy. Everyone who agreed gets to enjoy the deal. If there are no enough people buying the deal within given time frame, the deal will be "OFF" and no one gets the deal and no one will be charged.

**The difference between webuy and other group buying sites is their selection process. Currently there are 2 distinct groups of group buying sites. One that focuses on nothing but prices, as long as the deal is cheap enough, they will feature it. **

The other (which is webuy’s school of thought), goes through stringent selection process, by only exploring quality merchants then strike a good deal. And entire process focuses on consumers’ experience. All in all, they want consumers to experience good food, spas, events, at an affordable price——it's a good reason to try out new things. =)

Another difference, the site is not as cluttered as the rest. It is with a very clear main promo / main deal and  the function of the site is quite easy to use.

We used to hear ppl saying that KL has nothing to do. But this site at least can give users some ideas on where to dine, where to go and etc. And the best part is , at a good value.The site also has a “suggest a business” feature. Where users can tell webuy the deals that they are interested in, and if there’s enough demand, webuy will strike a deal with the merchant and get the deal featured.  

=) So now, I've joined the webuy's facebook page to follow their updates. From the facebook, we can get the 1st hand updates on future upcoming . =) so that the more people will get benefits from deals at!
Shopaholic must join it now ——
 Users can also sign up for their daily email updates, where deals will be emailed to them whenever there’s a new deal. So that no one misses on the good deals!

Ps : Last week deal was RM 6 for a plate of tapas at 32 Bistro at Puchong. But for those who missed out, that’s ok!! Cuz this week main deal on would be an iPad 3G + WiFi giveaway! All you have to do is buy the deal for RM 0 and get your friends to go buy too, because the minute the deal hits 1,000 people, the deal is on! And once the deal closes, one of them lucky winners will be walking home with an iPad for free. 


It sounds crazy right? U guys must join it immediately!

Sign up here now < > and receive RM 5 credit for your next purchase on!