Sunday, November 21, 2010

Shout!Award 2010

The largest Shout! Award 2010 concert has been ended up successfully on Last Saturday.
I have been looking forward to this concert for a very long time and also I’ve got the invitation. However, I was unable to attend this grand final concert. As you know, I had a book signing on yesterday so I can’t be rushed to the concert site on time. So now, I can only looking at these pics to comfort myself.

*The nominees *


*while performing on the grand stage *

Just look at this pic 
All think he’s powerful


And popular Mizz Nina!
"What you waiting for" 

people cheer for their idols
the scene's so spectacular 

^^ The guy's hot.

I believe that the atmosphere of the concert must be very busy.
Although this time I could not attend, I’m very pleased to see so many people support local music. Thanks very much to Celcom Xpax introduced me to such a meaningful event. Hope to have the opportunity to attend these events in future. ^^