Monday, November 15, 2010

Celcom Xplay Shout Award II

Do you still remember my earlier post about the xplay shout event? It was just happened at The Library on yesterday night. Unfortunately I was unable to attend this event due to some reasons but actually I had got the VIP invitation from Celcom Xpax.

But still, I’m so grateful that Celcom has given me some pictures, so I can share these to my friends who missed out this event last night.( just like me T.T)

I know people who attended this party last night was very satisfied with it and enjoyed the party very much( But don't show off in front of me it would made me sad)

It’s held at The Library...I never been there before …. free-flow all night long! (just reload RM30)… Guess what this person looking at?

They had to queue up to enter that place. (Actually my friends had told me that VIP members didn’t need to queue up.)

It’s such a great stage.

Amazing Scene: The hall was crowded with music believers and they sat on their chairs and enjoying their drinks....

I can feel the heat of live music from these pictures…When they rocking the stage!

Congratz to the winners of the battle of bands!

It looks exciting right? But actually it’s just a pre-show for what is going to happen at stadium putra bukit jalil on 20th November2010.

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