Thursday, August 23, 2012

The beauty inside

One of my biggest dreams is to be an actress.
I went through a lot casting and auditions yet till now I still haven't take part in any firming/ video shooting.I've been selected for a role for TV advertisement shooting before,but that time I was only 13, cannot skip school and my mom wasn't encourage me to go.So I lost the first and only chance in my life and I think my dream will never come true anymore..Every time I go for casting or audition, they just complain that my face is too cute and too young already.(for some people, they might think it's a compliment, but when it makes u keep losing opportunity, u'll not be happy for it already.)I'm 18 years old and I'm supposed to look smart and mature...(also not enough tall la, they told me they prefer girls who taller than 168 cm)I know right, but I'll never give up on acting ;) I'm still finding the way to be an actress.

Are you into acting ?- dreaming of become an actor but don't know where to start?
=) I found a way to make our dream come true!
U know, recently I always stick with Toshiba & Intel page
and I found out that they're running a project called " The beauty inside".

“The Beauty Inside” is a social film that allows us to take on an interactive role!We will have the chance to become characters in the film via Facebook-driven social casting calls.Also, we will be able to interact with the main character of the film via social networking.The film provides an opportunity for audience worldwide to play the main character in the film.The completed film will be available online in weekly episodes over a six-week period.
You should check out the first episode here :

The audition steps are very easy!! I gonna try this later.
You can just get into The Beauty Inside page and then click the audition button.

Either record an audition video or a photo,
you'll make yourself a chance to take part in this social film !
It sounds really exciting right ?

Another important point :
The main casts are damn hot !!! :) OMG
How wish I can interact with them !

So what are you waiting for ?
Join the audition here :
u may visit to get more tips !
*Do u guys remember that I blogged about "Be a satellite star" and "Meme it like you mean it" before?
;) the contests are still on !
Don't forget to voice out your story and choose your favorite meme ya!!

This blog post was exclusively brought to you by Toshiba and Intel.


路宝贝 said...

just fo it. u can de.宝贝

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Sicreci said...

I think M'sia actress don't need to be tall lor, there's many M'sia actresses that are small size. They're not looking for models anyway, maybe you just haven't got the opportunity yet. Hope someday can see you on TV.=)

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