Friday, August 17, 2012

Meme it like you mean it

Life is short, so live it to the fullest.
It's one of my favorite quotes and I believe that everyone always wish for a colorful life.
All of us want to live meaningfully !
So today I'm gonna talk about Toshiba again !
Have you seen the "Meme it like you mean it" album on Toshiba fans page?
It keeps appearing on my news feed page.

At first I really don't know anything about this...
I have no idea that why my friends keep spreading funny pics to me.
So I have been figuring out the meaning of this album for few days since it has become a hot topic among my friends and I don't want to be so outdated !

A meme is a style that spreads from a person to a person within a culture.
The Toshiba's unique memes are all about spreading the funny jokes by playing the colors of Satellite M840 series!

I don't know how they make them sound so funny!! :)
But seriously they are really funny...
Colors can make everything looks so different :)
We should use different visions to see the world.

I stole all the memes from here :

which color you love the most?!
Personally, I'm quite an artistic person (I can't imagine life without colors)
Pink is always my favorite, I love wearing pink outfits.
I always dream of driving a pink car too..
When I saw my friend has dip dyed her hair with pink, u know I'm so gonna be jealous of her hair.
How wish I can have a laptop like Satellite M840 pink !!

The Meme it like you mean it contest has been started ady, voting period until 30th August.
GO vote for your favorite memes, (one person is allowed to vote only once)
Ten people will be chosen from the pool of voters of the winning meme (meme with highest number of votes at the end of contest) and given mystery gift
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This blog post was exclusively brought to you by Toshiba and Intel.

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