Monday, August 6, 2012

Be a satellite star !

I never had a dream come true, till the day I got my UPSR result slip.
I owned my first desktop (personal computer) when I was 12 years old. 
My mom gifted it to me as a reward for getting good result in UPSR.
It has made my life so colorful and more enjoyable. ;) 
I've started blogging, writing novels and meeting new people..

I can't imagine a life without computer.. =w=
However, I hate carrying the stupid heavy CPU to go for computer service...

The desktop pc also eats up a lot of space of my study desk because the monitor is too huge.

=) So, I'm more into laptops now.
It's smaller, lighter, cuter and sexier. 
Seriously, laptops are no longer just the tools for work. 
Now, they have even became the accessories which could truly reflects someone's personality.

Recently, the laptops of Satellite M840 series has really caught my eyes.
It's because of the awesome laptop designs with its metallic mirror finish and stylish range of colors.
:) I'm so crazy of the young colors they have.

I love pink because pink indicates the shyness in me :P
but the brown color one looks like a big chocolate to me  **hungry**
actually the blue one is also quite cool. Omg, I'm now in love with all of them...

NEXT, I wanna talk about their great usability ! *click in to enlarge the image *

I love their large variety of usability and connectivity features that offers ease-of use enhancement in our daily environment. We can now charge our device even at shutdown mode! It sounds so amazing!!.
USB 3.0 is also available on this laptop, it's 10 times faster than 2.0 ports.
The excellent graphic performance allows us to enjoy movies up to 2GB external video graphics.

M840 series has already been launched in June 2012,
Its campaign proposition is " A reflection on you."  ;) sounds relevant with its features.
I think it's exactly the perfect laptop for our everyday needs and it can truly reflects our personality.

Btw, I just watched "Be a satellite star" on Toshiba Notebook Computer FB page few days ago.
I was totally inspired by the personal story that shared by the 3 satellite stars as they had brought me through a journey of hopes and dreams.
You guys can check out the videos here :

I believe that everybody needs inspiration and we all have our own story.
Do u have a story that reflects your personality---a story that you think it will inspire others?

Don't be shy to share it with us by joining "Be a satellite star",
because the winning story will be produced for the world to see !!
Check it out now :!

This post was brought to you by Toshiba and Intel.
For more information about the Toshiba Satellite M840, join the conversation at


MrcY said...

Price...price much??
u didn't mention the most important thing ><

XP said...

haha, laptop is sexier ! lol, funny XD
my fren's sis bought the same type but is blue colour 1, i like the pink colour more.