Wednesday, December 11, 2013

MAPLESEA - Sengoku Era :)

College life is so boring and stressful, playing online game has become one of my best ways to release stress! Today I’m so excited to share my recent favorite online game with you’ll, I’m sure all of you’ve heard of it before. It’s MapleSEA! Cute graphic, interesting storyline, all the friends around me are so crazy for it!

In case if you don’t know about that, Asiasoft Online (Asiasoft) has just announced the launch of Sengoku Era in MapleSEA. Finally we can get to see the exclusive content of Japan Maple Story!
 Sengoku is a term to define war and battle, so basically the story background is all about HAYATO and KANNA trying hard to beat the bad guy evil lord.

Hayato is the cutest warriors in Sengoku Era! The samurai who brave enough to break into the temple in order to save the world! He has obtained many skills! My favorite is the keen edge which allows his blade to cut through anything.
While Kanna is the pretty magician who owns a cute fox (both of them looking awesomely cute) She always try to disrupt the plans of the Evil lord! (Kanna character is now available already!!!!! I would start playing this character soon! She is such a lovely character!)

I have to say the game is really fun! I’ve been exploring the Sengoku Era world as the character of Hayato for past few days!

My username in this game is yangbaobei94!!

And I’m now in the Gemini channel!

I’m soooo excited while playing this game as all of you know that I love Japan culture really much.

AsiaSoft is so kind enough to provide an opportunity to send two people to Japan! Let’s see how to win this:
1.) Screen shot of Sengoku Era blogpost by AsiaSoft which will be up on voting contest
2.) Players & Fans from Sengoku Era will get to vote for their favourite blog post (Liking and commenting on the post with their IGN and world will allow them to be eligible for the contest)
3.) Asiasoft will select 1 lucky winner from the post with the most likes

So what are you waiting for? This game is so fun! And the prizes are so awesome! Lets download the game and join me now :


小影 said...

Nice game!!! =]

Raymond Kiat said...

原来你也有玩MapleStory !! 我半年没有玩了 :(

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jane wong said...


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