Thursday, June 13, 2013

An Orange Day with Pharmaton

Last week, I was invited to a very meaningful Hi-tea event with the Pharmaton team and other awesome bloggers. It was an orange day! You can see all of us were in orange outfit. Let me show off some pictures with some of the beautiful bloggers:

The famous gwiyomi girl who hits few hundred k views on youtube, Chuckei Jane.

The cute Ashley who always has different hair style hair colors, and a big fan of G-dragon.

The perfect V face lenglui blogger, Povy Teng! =D

The beautiful Yuyu, my second time to meet her in person. She’s always friendly and kind.

My dear Kenken, the lovely boyfriend who always stand by my side.

The party was really well organized and designed by Pharmaton! We had a great time playing memory puzzles with the other bloggers. We were divided into a few groups and started to play the game!

Good news: My team won the prizes! Hahahaha although we actually had played some tricks la!
Also, the Pharmaton team has revealed a very interesting topic, which is S-T-R-E-S-S.
Some of you might not know that, basically there are two types of stress which are: positive stress and negative stress.

If the stress can make you feel excited or motivated, it’s a kind of positive stress, it can make you stronger and willing to work harder. For example, people always say they look forward to my new blog post, it’s kind of awesome stress that make me feel like wanna blog more and write more! It makes me feel happier as I was inspired and supported by you people!

On the contrary, if the stress makes you feel unhappy, then this would be the negative stress. The exam stress can kill my mood easily! I can easily get angry and simply throw my temper on Kenken. Also, I will feel depressed, end up I can’t do well in exam.

It’s really important to control our mood and temper. The first thing we must do is, to make sure we have good health. How to maintain a good health? To make sure you have a balance diet. To be honest (I think most of you knew it), I don’t like to eat vegetables (that’s why I’m very short, I guess maybe my body didn’t absorb efficient vitamin during puberty)  Indirectly, it also affect my hormones and emotions.

Hence, I decide to take some health supplement that really can help to maintain good health. Pharmaton is a specially formulated combination of vital nutrients. For your information, it was already clinically tested and proven! It also has 50 years of heritage and already available in 100 countries. One day only have to eat once, it contains the exact and needed quantities of vitamins for our health.

Don’t look down on Pharmaton supplement, it contain essential vitamins, minerals with the standardized Ginseng Extract G115 can help us to enhance our physical and mental well-being by working in natural harmony with our body to release our individual resources from inside out!
Biologically, Standardized Ginseng Extract G115 will help us to increase the cell protection and help the cell in oxygen uptake. It also can improve our concentration and memory retention so that we are able to capture more knowledge.

For a student like me, always being very tired and stressed out, should also take Pharmaton once a day. It will combat the symptoms of tiredness which means we can hardly yawn in the lecture hall. We will be able to stay energetic for whole day to do assignment and more focus on studies. It also helps our body to adapt in stress situation! During exam, it can help me to focus on my exam papers and make sure I will not fall asleep( I used to sleep in the exam hall because of too tired and too stressed)

Additionally, we should also carry out a healthy lifestyle, doing exercises regularly in order to keep our mind and body healthier! Life is short, but we can try to live to the fullest!

After the awesome talk, we busy enjoying our meal and they served perfect dessert for us.

The Pharmaton teams were so kind that they had even prepared a special present for every of us! I never expect everyone get different present! The treasure hunt session started, we were helter-skelter looking for the hints!


We kept wondering what’s inside the gift box, most of us guess there are Pharmaton products, Povy even thought it was a Pharmaton T-shirt!

The moment we opened the box, we got stunned! It’s totally amazing! All of us got different thing and it’s our favorite gift!  They knew me well! When I was stressed out, I used to hug my rilakkuma! And  they gifted me a pair of Rilakkuma couple! So lucky I am!

Besides that, we also got Pharmaton! Hahaha!! I feel so grateful! Thanks Pharmaton for being so kind and generous to us! I will eat once a day to ensure my physical and mental can work well!

Tired of being stressed all the time? You can get Pharmaton everywhere!  Let’s create a better future by energizing yourself with Pharmaton!  Check out more here :

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