Thursday, November 21, 2013

MasterCard new debit card promotions!

Nowadays, more and more people started using debit card, it's easier for shopping or paying bills. Just like me and my friends, we usually won't carry much cash to shopping mall so we don't have to worry about losing money. If bad things happened(lost your purse or wallet), you can just directly contact the bank or change the PIN number for accessing the funds. It's time for you to get a debit card for yourself if you don't have one.

All of us know MasterCard Worldwide is one of the most trustworthy technology company in the global payment industry. A couple of weeks ago, MasterCard Worldwide just launched a new debit card promotion which provide more opportunities for great rewards and priceless experiences for shoppers like us! The promotion is also aimed to nurture habitual usage of Debit and Prepaid MasterCard among card holders in their everyday expenditure, with MasterCard rewarding this healthy practice of utilizing an electronic payments alternative.

Safdar Khan, Country Head, Malaysia and Brunei says that :“More than just another promotion, we believe this initiative is us making another small step towards our vision of a world beyond cash. Shoppers are rightly rewarded for using their MasterCard Debit or Prepaid card which goes some way in paying for their daily essentials. This initiative is also part of our continuous commitment to reward our card holders with experiences that you can enjoy with a MasterCard”

The promotion leverages on the universal appeal of debit cards which outweighs the benefits of using cash. Using a debit card is a safer alternative as the funds kept in bank accounts are safe from access of potential threats. Debit cards can be made available to anyone eligible to open an account and consumers can access their account details and money anytime, anywhere. This indirectly helps promote better financial management among consumers and expenditures can be tracked.

MasterCard Worldwide’s Debit card is widely accepted in Malaysia and in millions of locations worldwide including restaurants, hotels and online retailers.

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