Thursday, September 26, 2013

My awesome Bangkok trip ! (include video)

I would start this blog post with a video first, enjoy watching:

Courtesy of Nuffnang , AsiaWebDirect and Lufthansa Airline, I was given the opportunity to visit Bangkok with nuffie Shah and the two awesome bloggers – Fashion designer Michelle and hot RedMummy!!!

It was a really great day to us. First of all, we were welcomed by Lufthansa airline and getting a lot of souvenirs from AsiaWebDirect such as luggage tag belt, T-shirt and umbrella! They are just so amazing!

We were also given a chance to explore our Lufthansa airplane. Look how excited we were!

The seats were damn nice, so comfortable. FYI, TV is available for economy class passengers too!

So glad that we actually have chance trying on the first class seat and enjoying the Champagne served by the friendly stewardess! There’s massage button on the controller and a small bed beside the seat. We can actually adjust the seat into different position.

Ended up Lufthansa airlines was so kind enough for offering us to sit on the business class which provides us with private spaces. You can see me and Michelle were sleeping so peacefully during the flight! I could even turn the chair into 180 degree.

Showing the sleepy face while listening to Adele’s album

The moment we arrived Bangkok airport, we straight away bought a SIM card to stay connected with each other. It’s around 299 baht (RM30+) for 7 days internet connection and few hundred minutes call time. Quite affordable yet the speed of connection is considered as average to me.

It’s around 10.45pm in Bangkok, we were set back to Chatrium Residence Sathon Hotel to rest and sleep. I was so surprised and happy with the suite that we stayed in.This is how a five star hotel rooms suppose to look like!

It includes: one living room with big TV, one bed room with two twin beds and small TV, one bathroom with bathtub inside and a small kitchen which allows us to cook(even we didn’t have time to do so)!
I’m gonna show you all some pictures of the other show rooms which we explored at the next morning:

I heard that the most exclusive suite only cost 6000 baht(RM600+) for one night in weekdays. AsiaWebDirect can help us to get a better offer on this.

Yummy food for breakfast!....
Chatrium Residence Sathon Hotel was located nearby the town which we wanted to visit on the next morning, free shuttle bus services are provided for us to reach BTS station (quite similar with our LRT station in Malaysia but the train was called Skytrain).

Michelle suggested us to take cab since the rates for cab is quite cheap. We spent not more than 100 baht(RM10+) on taxi to go Wotif office. Here we got to know about the history and rapid growth of 

 is actually an Asia travel specialist with everything you need to research and book your trip in Asia! They will give you the best advice, best rates and best offers on travelling in Asia destinations such as,,, and They also provide 24/7 phone support from all their Asia Travel Experts.

You can see their office is so huge but all of the travel experts were so united even they came from different country.

FYI, the accommodation, flights and transports for my Bangkok trip were all arranged and organized by Super awesome service we got from there! So if you are planning for a trip, don’t be hesitated to write your enquiries to, I’m sure they will plan a perfect stay for you.

Next, we visited one of the largest fashion malls in Bangkok, which is the Platinum mall! There are too many things to shop in Platinum Mall! The clothes are damn cheap!!! The shoes are not really cheap, pattern also not that unique (I’m quite picky) loll. So I spent most of my savings on clothes. Basically there are 5 floors with more than 3 zones to walk (Most of the shop are offering retail price which means if you buy more you can try to ask for discount)

Happy shopping day with my boy ~ Thanks for carrying those heavy bags for me. 
Tried the bubble tea outside the mall, the staff was very friendly to us too.

Here shows some of the clothes and bags that I got for my friend and family.

After shopping, Michelle brought us for Full body Thai Massage! It costs us 200 baht only (RM20+) per hour. So relaxing!  Love it! And we had our dinner at this place, the food portion is quite small but very delicious! Real Thai food is not spicy at all. Love the tomyam soup there! All of us had extra bowl of rice lollll.

The third day, we were overslept and rushed to the LSG Sky Chef office.

Thank you LSG Sky Chef, for serving us the first class and business class awesome meal from Lufthansa Airline.

We had a tour in LSG Sky Chef to discover the processing of making those dishes but camera is strictly prohibited so I did not capture any picture in the kitchen.  Here’s the only picture of the Sky Chef tour.(got it from Redmummy instagram) 

We got to learn a lot of things throughout this session. LSG sky chef only provides the freshest fruit and food for all the airline customers. It was an amazing experience to us. 

Here we end our journey, going back by Lufthansa airline. 
Lastly, I would like to thank, Lufthansa airline, Chatrium Residence Sathon Hotel, LSG SKY CHEF and the Nuffnang bloggers for treating us so well throughout the whole journey! 


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