Thursday, August 9, 2012

Celcom PortaWifi gogogo!

I'm so happy to be one of the invited blogger to witness the launch of Celcom PortaWifi @Menara Celcom

*this angle makes my head looks super big*

Here's the Celcom PortaWifi device,
you mightn't know anything about this but I'm gonna tell how awesome is it..

It's a Wifi device that gets us connected to Internet at home, on the road and on the go.
Just plug this Celcom PortaWifi device into a USB port/car charger port,
the internet connection will be turned on automatically.
We'll be able to use our smartphone/ipad/laptop to obtain our own personal secured Wifi service.
(which means we can get Internet connection at everywhere, as long as we're holding the Celcom Portawifi device with Celcom first data plan)

It provides high speed connection up to 21 Mbps (Ken said it's crazily fast)
It's small and easy to carry,so suitable for people who are going back to hometown during this Raya holiday.
As you know, Celcom first data plan has the widest coverage in Malaysia. It also offers the best network quality to us.

We were invited to sit in the car and try the Wifi service provided by Celcom PortaWifi.

Huawei Mediapad is lovely :)

the device was plugged into the car charger port.

Surprisingly, we can obtain a very stable connection on the road.
The speed was extremely fast even though the car is moving on the road.

this Celcom PortaWifi is super versatile,
when u sign up the plan, the car charger + home plug will be included in the box!
Good device must match with Good plan.
Have a look here : 

I think Celcom first data plan is really an awesome plan cause it provides special monthly rebate for us :)
It helps us to save up more money and it also has the cheapest entry fees...

For More Information, kindly visit  :)


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