Friday, August 10, 2012

Another + toshiba

I've finally finished watching this horror anime-"Another"
(which my friends kept convincing me to watch, they said it's really scary and they got their shivers down their spine while watching this anime...) 
*You guys can check out the spoiler through wikipedia/google*

I found that the story line is quite interesting as we'll be looking forward to know who is the real deceased in the end of the story,but i think the plot isn't well-organized. 
They've wasted too many episodes to explain the background of the characters which I think it's a bit dragging.=,=
BTW, it's super illogical, why the students didn't want to leave the classroom after knowing that they might die in future if they insisted to stay in this classroom. =.=

Somehow, I love the main character in this story :) 
Misaki's such a steady+cool person ! :) I love her school uniform too ! 

Lately, I'm also in love with this new apps - VPET.
You know what? I used to crazy for Digimon when I was young !!! 
I've spent so much tokens to play the mini capsule toy machine just to win a digimon device.
T.T but i didn't get it...sobbb...

But now, I can have my own digimon pet via VPET !!
U can see my baby monster's growing up!!!

see my sleeping cutie :)

At first, everyone will get the same babymon.. @@
but if u didn't feed it well, it will become shitmon...
totally look like a shit
(I don't know la, Ken told me this, he introduced this game to me)

Amazingly, It turned into an Agumon !! :) haha
Ken was freaking happy when he saw this because he loves Agumon a lot...

Oh ya, do u guys remember my previous post about Toshiba satellite star?
I saw this on Facebook news feed!!

8k people liked this !! I bet they have the same taste with me haha.. :)
Love shows its true colors with Toshiba Satellite Notebooks.. ;) Nice caption they have.

OMG :) this is so adorable !
I heard that Toshiba will be releasing a series of 12 Memes regionally in a social campaign,
which is "Meme it like you mean it"...
Basically it encourages us to have fun with the colors by sharing Memes as a reflection of you!
well, I'll blog something specific on it ! stay tuned k?

check this out here :

And this pic makes me laugh out loud ! XD

This post was brought to you by Toshiba and Intel.
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♥ 外星人 said...

ANOTHER 好看死! <3

xiao P 笑屁blue diary said...

我们的童年都是digimon XD

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Jiez Tee said...


Jiez Tee said...



主题曲 《青い栞》(蓝书签)

片尾曲 《secret base ~君がくれたもの~(10 years after Ver.)》(secret base ~你給我的東西~(10年後Ver.))