Friday, May 9, 2014

MyClass experience

So I just completed my diploma course few weeks ago and I’m having a super long break to think about my future besides waiting for the releasing of my final result. At the meantime, I decided to take an English course in British Council. Some people might ask the reason that I took English course since my IELTS result in college isn’t that bad.

I wish to improve my speaking skill so that I can speak better English while attending some exclusive events. British Council offered a new program called MyClass which provides a variety topics ranging from work, social to everyday lessons. It’s very flexible as I can choose the specific lesson that I wanted to learn.
A placement test is required to take so that we can know our English level and choose our class package based on our ability and English level. Basically the placement test includes writing test, grammar & vocabulary test and also speaking & listening test.

I’m in Intermediate level which I think it’s quite suitable for me, I’ve shared my speaking problems with the teacher so that she suggest me to choose topics that are mainly focusing on communicating with other students. All the lessons are standalone and independent, so that we can study in any order depending on our level.

The best part about MyClass is: their timetable is super flexible! I can do class booking/class cancelling online anytime by using any tablet/device. Everything is so systematic here.

My first class topic is “describing the world around us”, it was really amazing as it gave me chances to interact with all the other students around me. I also got to learn a lot of vocabulary and tone of speaking on that day. Oh ya, the environment is very good.

We played card games in this class, did some speaking practices and also played some acting roles. I had a blast and it’s not as boring as I thought it would be.

All of us are given chances to give opinions in all the topics that we discussed. I will continue attending the classes in these few months, perhaps it will help me to gain more confidence!

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路宝贝 said...

Very good.

Anonymous said...

Study English is good for you especially if you want to travel to western country
Best way is to speak in English with your classmate.

Chee Wei Ying said...

Go for it! =)

maDex said...

Hi..glad u enjoying the class.. I just want to know how much the fee estimately..tq