Thursday, April 14, 2011

Webuy again! :)

Do you still remember the previous post about ""?
The Super Group Buying Site.. I guess you still remember right !? :)
The crazy deal - Ipad 16GB has found its owner !!!
But don't worry, will always provide more great deals to us :)

Recently, the WeBuy project is giving out RM200,000.00+ RM3,000.00 worth of WeBuy e-wallet money  to all participating Webuyers! And these must be given out.

When it reaches 500 buys, RM3 e-wallet money will be given to every participants.
When the next target (1500 participant) is reached - the prize will be upgraded to it's respective amount (RM5 WeBUY e-wallet) automatically for all participants.

(Now the deal is hitting the 2nd tier which is 1500Buys, so everyone can get RM5 !)
To achieve the deal, u guys must continue to spread the news immediately :)
If this BUY hits 10,000 - it will be a RM200,000 giveaway! 
:) so what are you waiting for ? Let us spread the news now !!

Another good deal is about the tea set with pastry lunch,yummy!
the original price is RM28, but now it costs you only RM11 ! 
And you'll be given RM5 cash voucher for next visit !
This is also redeemable all time during Tea Republic's operating hours.

If you love amazing quality tea & pastry, 
don't miss the chance to enjoy 1 out of 5 choices of delicious sets
You may also enjoy it together with Tea republic's pride-
THE TROPICAL TEA or ICE Black GReen tea :)

sign up now here, and help me to hit the 2nd tier (1500buys), so everyone can get RM5 ! :)
And get the chance to enjoy the delicious pastry lunch sets !

Don’t forget they also have a Shawn Cutler deal for only RM 80. All you have to pay is RM 80 and you get RM 200 worth of hair treatment service and such as well as an additional RM 50 voucher for you next week. Great!

So hurry now and LIKE