Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Express Your Personality With Limited Edition Fortune Mask Design USB Modems

Besides the mobile phones, nowadays most people can't leave home without their USB modem & laptop since it's the only way to stay connected anytime and anywhere...They need it especially when they're travelling during the CNY holidays, so they still can get any news from internet. =) 

If you don't want to be left behind, then you must visit any Celcom Blue Cube or Celcom dealers TODAY~because not only is Celcom Broadband offering special broadband packages with RM10 discount for the 1st 3 months during this festival period, you will also get to choose your own Limited Edition Fortune Mask design to go with your FREE USB Modem

Choose from the above : the one that best suits your personality~

1.) Creative : Rat
2.) Intelligent : Ox
3.) Courageous:Tiger
4.) Charming : Rabbit 
5.) Ambitious : Dragon
6.) Passionate : Snake
7.) Powerful: Horse
8.) Wise: Sheep
9.) Cheeky : Monkey
10.) Confident : Rooster (i choose this since it's my zodiac but i won't be over confident la ^^)
11.)Loyal : Dog 
12.) Noble: Boar

All you need to do is to sign up for Celcom Broadband plans and choose any one of the limited edition USB modems. 

Check out all 12 of the cool devices which u can choose from.Whatever your personality is,they've got a limited edition design just for you~AND IT'S FREE.

In conjunction with the festival period, Celcom Broadband also offer great discounts on the Celcom Broadband  MiFi router, HP G42 Notebook and Hp Mini 110 Netbook when you signup for either Celcom Broadband Basic or Celcom Broadband Advance with a 12 months contract.

The MiFi router also comes in 12 different fortune mask designs, while the HP mini 110 netbook comes with limited edition skins.

***If you don't like monthly commitment, you can also get the limited edition fortune mask with a free USB modem when u purchase the celcom broadband  prepaid start up kit for ONLY RM128.
(Need to show the real pack, u may get it from branding as they've changed this visual in the menu card)

And for those who need additional volume this festival period, good news as Celcom Broadband is offering a discounted price for its Volume quota.(Check it out..)
Log on to www.celcom.com.my/broadband to find out more !!! =)


and choose your lovely mask to record a CNY greeting/ msg to your friends and family!

Log on to find out other free downloads for your desktop such as wallpaper~
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